The After Life

It’s been 5 years since the war ended. A lot has changed since then. When I was brought to the hospital after Operation Overlord My wound was so severe they had to amputate my right foot. Since then I haven’t been able to run or jump. All I can do is walk with sticks. But I’m not going to weep about it, other men have lost much more, and many their lives. My foot was a small price to pay. Not long after my foot was amputated it was confirmed that Emily was the nurse I’d seen the night I arrived at the hospital. She approached me several times but I never noticed it. Not until the day my mind was in peace and I was well again. When I noticed that she’d been the one to take care of me when my nurse was busy with other patients I never let her out of sight. We spent a few days together before I was sent home. We even had someone declare us as man and wife. When I got home I moved back in with Kyle, but nothing was the same. My wife was a nurse out in the war, my mother was dead and on top of it all, I couldn’t get a job because of my foot. Also After my mother died my sister couldn’t stand living in the house her mother had died in so she, her husband and his family moved all the way to Grand Island. Briefly after Hitler’s suicide on the 30th of April Emily made a short visit, but she left almost as fast as she had come. I eagerly waited for her. One and a half month later she was sent home. She wrote letters saying that she didn’t want to meet me. She wrote that she was sick. And I had no address to reply to. Eventually I got irritated so I went to her house, several times, but she was never there. I suspected she was staying in Lincoln with her grandmother. I found no luck there either. But one day I received a letter which apparently was meant for someone named Dr. William Jones. In it was an address. I knew I should have told her before I went there but I didn’t. The address had lead to a very small hospital. When I first saw her she was lying sick in bed, not able to get up. She had been honest. She was feeling very bad and was in a very deep depression. As it turned out her father had died in lung cancer. When I saw the big bump on her abdominal. My heart almost stopped.

I almost lost her, her and my child. But luckily she recovered. We couldn’t stay in the small village where we’d lived all our lives. The memories were too much for her. We had to move. I remembered dreaming about living by the river in Omaha, Nebraska when I was 16. Having a picnic with my wife while my children played in the water. And how I would teach them how to swim and fly a kite. So with the money she got from her inheritage we bought a house in Omaha along the river and border to Iowa. We’ve been living there ever since, the year is 1951. I’ve kept a very close relationship to Kyle and we often visit each other. He still lives in father’s old house, he’s married and has two children and one on the way. Amber past away when giving birth to her latest child. That was two years ago. We had her buried next to mother and father and Emily’s miscarriage. She would have liked that.
I’m now 31 years old and I live with my beautiful five years old daughter Ashley, my two years old son Kevin, my mother in law and my lovely wife Emily, who by the way is pregnant. Hopefully God will let us keep this one. I almost forgot to mentoin that we’re rich(!), which I’ve never been in my entire life, but money isn’t really important. We live in a small mansion with two maids and a gardener. Emily works as a midwife and I am a full time father.

I personally think that the US is pretty okay. The economy isn’t doing that well but we have enough money. What I don’t get though is this Marshall Plan. If we need the money, why are we lending it away? But I do see a few positive things about it. Another thing I find odd is the tension between the Us and the Soviet. Fingers crossed there won’t be another unnecessary war. But I don’t want to get too involved with those things, I’m trying to stay away from everything that has anything to do with the second world war. I’ve had enough of that. I sometimes dream about the warfields and the dead bodies, some of them were my friends. It’sard but it get’s easier since Emily understands, after all, she was out there herself. I’m not great, I’m not fine, but I’m managing. My children make me happy but sister’s, my father’s, my mother’s and my baby’s deaths have put a heavy weight on my chest. And don’t get me started on the time I served in the war, I’m trying not to think of it. I’m not planning on forgetting, some things are meant to be remembered, but I don’t mind not thinking about it.
I try to live a normal life, or a life as close to normal as possible. Hopefully our children and their future children won’t have  to suffer a world war. I hope no one ever will have to suffer a world war ever again. It is awful.
Trevor Cassity.


Alva är alkoholpåverkad och igår dödade hon tre hober.

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