Jowana/Trevor Cassity

My name’s Trevor Cassity and I’m 19 years old. I originally live in a small
village north of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. I have one younger brother and two sisters, Kyle, Amber and Natalya. Amber doesn’t live at home anymore. She’s married to a quite successful man who lives in a house Lincoln. She married him at the age of 15, which was 8 years ago. Even though they’ve been married for quite a while they’re happy living their lives together. Though I don’t know a lot about her husband I’m very happy for them. But he seems to be kind of strange. Kyle is only 13. He still goes to school. The school is pretty far away, but he has a bike so he gets to school all by himself. After school he often works in the small workshop in our garden where he makes things made out of wood and then sells them on the market every Sunday morning. It goes quite well for him. Natalya is the youngest. She’s only 5 years old. Unfortunately she is sick. Therefore she lives with my sister and her husband. It means a lot to them to have her there since they can’t have any children. If I’m not mistaking it’s her husband who can’t reproduce…
My mother also lives with my sister and her husband. She can’t live in our small
little house out in the country because of her disease. She gets worse every
year. I think it’s cancer, but I dare not say it. The doctors won’t say anything either. My father died 4 years ago. It was awful. I remember the funeral, I cried. We all cried. And we never cry.
Now that my sister and my mother live with my sister in Lincoln my brother and I live alone in our small house. You might wonder why we haven’t moved to Lincoln yet. Well, there’s no room left in their house. Amber’s husband has his whole family living there as well as half our family. So we’ll just have to live here all alone by ourselves. I have a girlfriend, Ashley, but her father is very strict, and I respect that. My father was strict too. She does live nearby so I see her about 4 times every week, which is good. I am planning on proposing but I’m not sure yet. My pen pal in Germany wrote me that the situation there is worried. There’s someone called Adolf Hitler who’s really been taking over. He wrote me that they call him “der Führer”, the leader. I’ve also heard that there might be a war. If this is true and America gets involved, I might have to be sent out. That means that Kyle would have to live all by himself and Ashley would have a fiance or husband out in war. See how that’s a conflict of interest? I’m really in a pickle right now. And I don’t even want to go to war. Every time the world is at peace some fat-head just has to come along and stir things up.
I pray every night hoping we won’t go to war. And I suggest you do so too.
Trevor Cassity.

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